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About Us

Changzhou Feilong Motors and Electric Appliance Factory is located in Economy and Development Zone of Changzhou City .We are a synthetic and automated company with advanced and comprehensive testing equipment. Besides that we have a high quality team including overseas returnee. We mainly engage in the design and production of micro motors,such as Hybrid Stepper motor,Servo motor,DC Brushless motor,Linear motor and Motor Control appliance. Now we have established partnership with following famous companies ,Leadshine Technology, Panasonic,MIKI PULLEY,HIROSE,Asahi Kasei. In 2009 ,we set a cooperative agent in German . We will devote ourselves to becoming a effective comprehensive company and supply electric motors ,control equipment,electronic component and other industrial parts for customers from all over the world. Our customer come from many parts of the world . The product we manufactured have been used in various field including CNC machines,Engraving machines,Teaching machines,Printers,Textile machines,Medical machines,Robotic arms, Automatic line.


Development History

In 1997 ,Feilong Motors was registered.

In 2001,CE approved and started to export the next year.

In 2008,started to research servo motors.

In 2009,motors were exported to German.

In 2010,we attended the Shanghai World Expo as a private enterprise.

In 2016,we began to cooperate with Japan’s famous company Miki Pully and Panasonic.

Now ,we continue to develop the export business ,especially the market of Southeast Asia and Japan.

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